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 Fri 19. January 2018
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Posted by:

I was livin in basel a few years ago, and I be very happy if some of you, can send me the "LECKERLY" recepi. Thank¨s for this wonderful site !

Posted by:
Franziska Wild

Hoi ier bedä, nach dem cuule Weekend wonier bi üs värbraht händ häts nomal chräftig gschneit. Doch morn chunt dä Summer zrugg....yeah!! Gueti Site, macht eim d CH grad gluschtig. gruess und kuss vum fidibus

Posted by:
Sarah Davies

I travel to Switzerland a lot for research on my dissertation. What a wonderful site! Now that I've found it, I will certainly take advantage of it. Thanks!

Posted by:

Salut a tous! Si vous souhaitez trouvez des idees de sorties ou des bons plans, profitez a fond de ce site! parlez en autour de vous!

...PS: bravo pour votre site, il est fort utile!

Posted by:

Hey...My penpal is from Switzerland and her name is Sussanna Lansitalo. She is 13 years old. She lives in world geography class is doing a scrapbook on a country and I picked Switzerland..This website has given me lots of information and I want to thank the people who made it...I know what my grade is....A!!!!! haha. Thanks! ~*~Dhara~*~


Posted by:

hi all friends(especially mr. hans &Remo ) ihave never been to switzerland its my dream now to be there will you help me to come remembering that your countries embassy in sudan do not give visa to travel iwould like to migrate to switzerland and stay there will you help me

Posted by:
Hans Farni

Hello Webmaster You have a beautiful webpage. I will soon come back again. I really enjoyed my visit here. Have a wonderful day. Kindest Regards from Switzerland, Hans Fahrni

Posted by:

Remo, 'THANKS' for your reply, which I just received minutes ago. I've been searching for travel information for about 2 months, I think this is the best website! All the information provided are very useful! I hope others get whatever information they want from here, especially stuff about Switzerland... just like me.

Posted by:

Looking forward to spending my spring break in Switzerland March 19-24th. Thanks for the website to help me get my travel plans started!

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