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 Sat 24. August 2019
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Winter and Sports in Switzerland

Skiing and snowboarding is very popular in Switzerland. A lot of families go on a winter holyday. The Swiss alps are known for it's beautyful views and high mountains. In some resorts you can go up to almost 4000m (Zermatt).
It is not recommendet to visit the ski resorts on weekends over the x-mas holydays and during february, because most swiss people are on winter holydays then and the slopes will be very crowded.
The season goes from the first snowfall (around November) until easter holydays at the end of april.
If you want to book winter holydays in Switzerland, you have to watch out for some resorts that sometimes have shortage in snow, however resorts above 1500m should have snow the whole season.
Are you looking for Resorts or Regions to ski or snowboard?

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