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Regions of Switzerland

The links below go to websites of different regions. A region contains many resorts. On the region websites you will find more information about what happens in the area.

External links:
HeidilandRegion in the east of Switzerland
Central SwitzerlandCentral Switzerland warmly welcomes you.
VallisLocated in the south west of Switzerland. This region is the whole valley of Vallis
Basel RegionBasel, is a markedly open city. It stands at the point where Switzerland, Germany and France meet.
Eastern SwitzerlandTravel destinations in eastern Switzerland, including the small country of Lichtenstein
GraubŁndenThe south eastern part of Switzerland with its breath taking mountains and cute villages
JuraThe western part of Switzerland with its roling hills and wonderful wines
Pays FribourgWestern region of switzerland where the famous gruyere cheese comes from
GenevaCosmopolitan Geneva - a world of its own, a world for everyone, quite apart from the rest of Switzerland.
TicinoThe italian speaking part of Switzerland in the south

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