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 Thu 21. November 2019
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People of switzerland

People of Switzerland are mainly sincere, hard working, honest (where else would they put self serve flower stands on the roadside, using the honor system, or don't check the tickets on the subway?). They are serious about life and theyr career. Therefore they are dedicated to school and work. Never the less their friends and family are very important to them. Most friendships last for a lifetime. Most Swiss are reserved, cooler (which doesnt mean that they are mean) and cautious. Maybe because they all have good friends for a long time already? Generally they are not open to anything that is not swiss. This has a little twist to it. Among themselves they criticise lots of things about switzerland however, if foreigeners criticise the swiss or Switzerland, they can get defensive.

This is a very short version of swiss people. If you have any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to write us at the message board.

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