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 Thu 21. November 2019
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Hi there

It all started from a Swiss guy living in a beautiful town in the north eastern part of Switzerland. He was studying and working. Whenever he had some time off, he loved to travel Switzerland. Find hidden spots and beautiful areas to explore. To plan the trips, he had to search the whole net to find all the information needed for a trip. That usually took ages. From travel experiences, he also knew that the best places aren't usually found on the net, nor in travel guides. He knew that the best information you usually get from other travellers. Travellers who have been to the area know about a special place, a cheap and cute hostel or some other good tip. So he came up with the idea about creating a website where you can get information from other travellers as well as information from the site. This site is now run under the name of protagonist Ltd. which the founder of is a partner.

We are still travellers. So it didn't loose the travelling touch. We are still depending on your information, so please, if you are using this site, comment on your travels to Switzerland and give a useful travel hint to other wanderers, tell us what you are thinking about the website, suggest some new subjects we can add or just say hi.

Please give us a note if you found a good page to add to the list (register). It's all free! You can write us an email with your questions about travelling Switzerland. We'll try and answer it as quick and well as possible.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your time and please recommend our little place to others.

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